There is no “Try”… or some insightful bullshit.

My first thought when deciding on a title, was “Trying this ‘Adulting’ Thing,” or “Trying Something New.” Of course, the first thing that popped into my head was my inner coach saying, “there is no try.” Shut the fuck up. I feel like my coach needs a name, Ted, we’ll call her Ted.

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How’s that for an opener? I have yet to decide, what exactly I want this to turn into. Of course, being somewhat influenced by the brilliant Carrie Bradshaw, as I binge a little Sex and the City, I would love to turn this into some wildly successful book series and become a millionaire! Who wouldn’t? I would love to think I am witty and clever enough to do something like that. For now, this will mainly be mind dumps, musings, rants and a sort of chronicling of my “reinvention as an adult,” if you will.

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I’ll just let Carrie be my guide. I did write down a sort out outline for this journal, blog, thing. The idea is all around the many different ways I, and hopefully all the soon to be readers out there, are Selfish “AF” aka Selfish As Fuck. I feel like we, that is the Royal We, are judged too harshly in today’s society. As well, we judge ourselves too harshly. Case in point, the recent “Blue Bell Licker” that has been plaguing recent tabloids. Internet trolls, newscasters and the general public, has been openly sharing their thoughts of ostracizing this woman from polite society. There is a very good chance that the “Blue Bell Licker” aka BBL aka Jane Doe Because We Don’t Know Her Name, was really just needing a quick, refreshing, lick. Of ice cream. That she immediately returned to the freezer. Okay, bad example. Also, poor attempt at humor. See, I am no Carrie Bradshaw.

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On the subject, although, not really. I have already moved beyond the point a bit, so we just back track. Binge watching can be considered Selfish AF. Why? As “adults,” we are supposed to manage our responsibilities and recreational hobbies with somewhat equal diligence. Of course, “society” tells us that responsibilities should slightly outweigh the recreation. Fuck that, first of all. That is really the whole idea behind this blog. Fuck responsibilities- of course, not entirely, people still expect me to be able to exchange money for the things that I want/need. So, being there is no $20,000,000 book deal being signed at the moment, I still have to work and be responsible.

So, back to binge-watching. It’s amazing that it’s actually become a “thing.” Where people will literally sit on the couch, in front of the television, scrolling through countless shows and watch one episode after another. For hours, even days! I, myself, am absolutely guilty of it (and you know you are too). This is part of being Selfish AF. I will shirk responsibilities all day, just to be able to watch TV. It’s kind of sick when you think about it. And yet, it’s ahhhhhhhmazing! Such a great new use of technology.

Ted: “At what point do you begin to explain a little more about how you are an incredibly sarcastic person?”

Me: “Shut up Ted.”

Ted: “…. and maybe how it’s been about a month since you took an Adderall. #jussayin”

Me: “Did you just hashtag an inner dialogue?”

I think there is a point at which we need to allow ourselves the selfish tendencies. I also think, polite society doesn’t agree with the importance of being selfish. This will be an interesting theory to work out. I never used to believe in that theory. It’s only been a discovery of mine in about the last, two to three years. We’ll get to that story another day. Don’t worry, it was on my outline, so we will get to it… eventually.

Binge watching, like anything else that can be viewed selfish AF, can be completely fine in moderation. I tend to opt for a bit more on the obsessive side of things, so moderation can be difficult for me. I am learning. Trying to be better at this “adulting” thing.

Ted: “There is no try.”

Me: *roll my eyes*

This might need to be a two-part intro. What do you think? Mr or Mrs. Oblivion?

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Seems like a good place to end this first entry. And yet, whether this becomes a two-part intro (TBD), I feel like there should be some sort of ending statement. Maybe a glimpse at what this blog may turn into. Here it goes; People today rarely give into their selfish tendencies, for fear of judgement. Being selfish is almost considered taboo. We know there are people out there who are, and we know we have our moments, we just don’t talk about it. It’s our dirty little secret. My thought, investigate what constitutes “being selfish AF” and determine for yourself, when in moderation, is being selfish really all that bad after all? When is it healthy and when is it harmful?